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Communicating with a Japanese client can be tricky.

No matter how well you prepare, there are miscommunications and cultural differences that will derail the best meeting.

That is where a professional interpreter comes in. We are here to work with you and your client to get the most out of your meeting. We will work with you to make sure your presentation is culturally relevant and that your terminology matches what is common in your field in Japan. We are experts in business negotiations and will be on your side every step of the way.

If you are tackling the Japanese market, reach out and see what an experienced interpreter can do for you.


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Before the meeting

Before setting foot in your meeting, your interpreter will do significant research into your company, your goals, and your technology. We will prepare terminology that is consistent with the industry and be ready to facilitate high level communication between the two parties.

In a meeting

In your meeting, your interpreter will make sure you don’t miss a thing. We can be flexible, either taking notes and rendering a clean interpretation whenever you pause, or we can give you a simultaneous feed of what’s going on through whispering interpretation. See the services page for more details.

After the meeting

Whether you are corresponding with colleagues after the event or have the need for ongoing meetings, we are here to help your business succeed in Japan. As a member of your team, we can translate emails, make meeting appointments, and give your meetings continuity by maintaining the same interpreting team for multiple events.

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Areas of Expertise

Interpreters are all good at one thing: becoming an expert on any topic in a week or less. When we go into an unfamiliar subject matter, our first job is to research it in both languages.

After repeated exposure to a certain field, you develop an expertise that allows you to communicate more accurately and effectively on a given topic.

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Having worked for the American president of a Japanese company, I was part of monthly and annual reviews of the company’s financial statements, budgets, and business plans. In addition, I facilitated training on accounting software across multiple facilities. This gave me an understanding of the minute processes that an average accounting department goes through as well as the differences in those processes between Japan and the US. As a freelancer, I have interpreted for an accounting firm presenting their audit results to Japanese management, a different accounting firm discussing changes to tax law with their Japanese client, and done quality assurance checks on the Japanese translation of financial statements drafted in English.

Human Resources
In my capacity as an in-house interpreter, I spent a lot of time working between the Japanese and American sides of the company to ensure proper compliance with company policy. As cultural customs differ greatly, I was tasked with writing a guide for Japanese expats on the differences between Japanese and US labor laws. I also was able to discuss unionization and/or how to avoid it. As a freelancer, I attended the annual SHRM conference to interpret for some participants.
Investor Relations
I facilitated an expansion project of a Japanese company into Mexico and multiple US companies into Japan. This process involves meeting with potential investors, explaining the merits of the business venture, visiting land developers and office sites, translating contracts, serving as an intermediary with local government and other institutions, and accompanying sales teams. I only do this kind of work because I truly value the business that my client is bringing to their new market and I want to work as part of their team to make it a success.
I worked to localize an ERP system into Japanese and trained associates on the use of that system. This involved all the set up work including servers, wiring, and other infrastructure such as hand scanners and routers. In addition, I have worked extensively on the computer systems that are integrated into today’s cars as part of my contract with an automotive manufacturer. Lastly, one of my major clients is provides an unprecedented tool for detecting cyber threats. It has been my privilege to learn about cyber attacks through watching their solution in action.
The bulk of my experience has been in the automotive industry. I have extensive experience in injection molding processing and tooling through my time working at a parts manufacturer. I also worked directly for an automotive manufacturer; both on the plant side and the design side. I am extremely comfortable in virtually all areas of a car. I participated actively in ISO and OSHA audits and am familiar with safety and environmental regulations. Lastly, I have done various projects in transferring quality control and quality assurance techniques from Japan to the US as well as robotics and vision systems from the US to Japan.

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